DJ Panic
Disques Combats (CDR)
(Panic Research Audio)

Power electronics meets pulse music meets abstract techno meets free improv when DJ Panic takes hacksaw to old vinyl LPs, releasing a fast-flowing avalanche of violent crashes, freaked out squeaks, vicious growls, tornado force gales, radioactive clicks and pops. On this solo performance, recorded live with no overdubs in Fall 2002 at Many Spaceships' Digital Basement studios, DJ Panic deomstrates two different playing techniques: Rhythmic Droning and Phrases. This is the music of eros: destroying the corporatized music of the death culture never felt so good. Deluxe handmade package incorporates recycled and salvaged materials and includes one CDR recording (52.50 mins), one vinyl LP scratched by DJ Panic, tyvek sleeve, linoleum block print, inserts, & lino-block print on CDR label. Ltd. ed. of 100 copies. $20 ppd in USA

Track listing:
1. Z14DRD
2. Mass Media Is Killing America
3. Jungle Boy VS Logos
4. Honourable Minister of Toothaches

52:50 minutes of music

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