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DJ Panic

Experimental free improvisation performed through the medium of a vinyl LP played with a hacksaw. The resulting miniature atonal sounds are picked up, amplified and modified through electronic effects. Though atonal, the resulting sounds are strange and provocative. I have developed an extensive vocabulary and several possibilities for syntax, including rhythmic attack, drones and fast-paced chatter.

Metaphorically, I consider this process to be cutting the residue of commercial death culture from the music and discovering the sound of love on these hardened grooves.

Currently performing solo; as a member of the improvising group Spaceships Panic Orbit 36 with Special Orbit on laptop, Many Spaceships of Hat City Intuitive on sax, and 36 on acoustic & electric drums; and in the duo Violet Panic with Violet on homemade instruments and electronics.

Press Kit

Read an interview with DJ Panic conducted by sculptor Vanessa Kamp.

Note mention of DJ Panic in The Wire #216, February 2002, under the "Global Ear" column!


[This photo was taken by Rebecca Henry at the Living Music Fest, Accokeek, MD, on October 6, 2001. The photo appeared in Wire, February 2002, to accompany Chuck Bettis' article on the DC improv scene.]


Disques Combats, 4 song CDR in homemade packaging that includes one scratched/sawed LP, linoleum block print, liner notes insert, and linoleum block printed CDR label. Limited edition of 100 copies. Released 2003. 

Dead Record, double 12" (Panic Research Agency)--consists of two scratched/sawed LPs in a hand painted cardboard sleeve. Do not play this record. There is no music on this record. Limited edition of 50 copies; released in 2000. 

Each release is $15 postpaid from Jeff  Bagato, PO Box 2482, Merrifield, VA 22116.


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