Mole magazine

Outsider Art, Crackpot Thought, Other Music, and the Counterculture

Founded in 1989, MOLE is a printed fanzine that presents the best in underground culture through interviews, graphic art, pictorial features, essays, and reviews. 

Dedicated to the Underground
MOLE specializes in long, informative interviews with underground musicians and outsider artists. Exclusive, definitive interviews have included avant garde composer and harpist Anne LeBaron, Kahil El'Zabar, Peter Brotzman, Joe Morris, William Hooker, Susie Ibarra, Costes, Mission of Burma/Noman's Roger Miller, Mecca Normal, Unrest, Peter Blegvad, Harry Pussy, Charalambides, Flying Luttenbachers, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, indie-pop chanteuse Linda Smith, and syndicated cartoonist Bud Grace (Ernie, Piranha Club). 

Brushes with Celebrity
We may as well boast right now to be the zine that broke the Fugazi/Mark Trail connection (see issue #4). Issue #12 featured Vanilla Ice talking with great knowledge and respect about the outsider art environment Coral Castle, of Homestead, Florida. Issue #2 included an  interview with Mike Watt conducted by Q-Burns Abstract Message (back when we knew him as Mike Donaldson). Issue #4 included an interview with Smog conducted by his then girlfriend Lisa "Suckdog" Carver, just as she was starting Rollerderby. And you thought MOLE was for losers!

Outsider Artists Talk
MOLE is the only magazine to print direct interview transcripts with outsider artists. Past interviews include The Baltimore Glassman, Vollis Simpson, and Clyde Jones. Outsider art related pictorials are also frequent, such as those on the Garden of Eden in Lucas, Kansas; Johnston's Garage in Merrifield, Virginia; and the roadside attraction Dinosaur Land, in White Post, Virginia.

Crackpots Rule
You can also expect definitive coverage of unknown "crackpots," like DC's unique Faith Dane, who starred in the movie Gypsy as the stripper Mazzeppa and has gone on to run for DC mayor for 20 years and counting, while keeping up her local cabaret performances.

Comix N Stuff
MOLE includes comix from some of the best--if unknown--artists in the underground, including Carrie McNinch (Assassin & the Whiner), Mary Knott & Beppi (Pretty Beaver), Peter Blegvad (Leviathan), Larry Rodman, Tom Crites (Malefact), Tony Weier (Spungifeel Comix), and others over the years.

There's also a generous selection of music, zine and book reviews.

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