Tone Ghosting
Castle Changes EP (CDR)
TG's methodical madness maxes the mayhem on title track plus remixes, including "pop" vocal & a cappella mixes! Packaged in a slim white DVD case with full color cover art, plus insert. These "remixes" are original improvisations based on a single loop plus new vocals, scratching, beats, and keyboards! 61+ minutes. Only 100 copies made. Issued by SocketsCDR. $7 ppd in USA

Track listing:
Castle Changes (Popular Ill Human Nation Dub) [15:30]
Castle Changes (Mutation Nation Mix) [7:15]
Castle Changes (Plastic Revolution Remix) [4:50]
Castle Changes (Plastic Re-run) [5:25]
Castle Changes (Spastic Rev Remix) [8:55]
Castle Changes (Vox Pop Mix) [3:20]
Castle Changes (a capella) [2:45]
Castle Changes (Plus Ca Change Dub) [8:55]
Castle Basic [3:50]

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