Mercury Fools the Alchemist CD release show!

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Experimental music concert with Mercury Fools the Alchemist, BSI+Pilesar, & Lost Civilizations
Tuesday May 15, 2012 at 8:00pm
Dynasty Ethiopian Restaurant
2210 14th St NW
Washington, DC
FREE show

Mercury Fools the Alchemist CD release show!

Mercury Fools the Alchemist ( unlikely music from trio of avant classical bass (Daniel Barbiero of Nine Strings, etc), ambient guitar (Rich Sheehe of Field Shaman, The Hypocrites), and homemade "stone age synthesizer" the springamajig (Jeff Bagato, aka Tone Ghosting). Sound colors from previously parallel planes suddenly collide and become acquainted, producing chimerical cacophony for mystical journeys. New CD The Science of Unobtainable Results available now on Amazon.

BSI+Pilesar is an unholy alliance fake breitling watches of Blue Sausage Infant and Pilesar, foreshadowing their duo East Coast tour plan to interact/interfere/intersperse their solo sets. Expect noise, psychedelic trance, weird beats, etc.

The Lost Civilizations experimental music project rolex breitling watchesis a duo comprised of Mike Sebastian (bass clarinet; tenor sax; saxello) and T. A. Zook (basscello). It began in 2008 and has featured guests such as Larry Gomez (Tabla, Cymbals, Misc. percussion), Louie Rozier (Flute; Percussion), Jerry Busher (percussion), Aaron Martin (Alto Sax, Soprano Sax), Emre Kartari (Percussion), Doug Kallmeyer (bass), Emily Chimiak (vocals) and Angela Morrish (vocals).

Frida Kahlo Photos at Artisphere

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Known for her distinctive self-portraits that define her own brand of Surrealist painting, Frida Kahlo was also a lifelong resident of Arlington, Virginia’s sister city of Coyoacán, a suburb of Mexico City. As a result of this civic relationship, Arlington’s Artisphere scored the distinciton of being the only venue in the US to present an exhibit of Kahlo’s personal photographs. Opening night is Thursday, February 23, and the show runs through March 25.

After being sealed for over 50 years, Kahlo’s archive was opened in 2007, and 259 photographs were selected for public display. The images reflect Kahlo’s tastes and interests, the experiences she shared with those close to her, and her complicated, but also thrilling, personal life. Viewers get an insider’s look, not only through who was behind the camera, in front of rolex perpetual the lens or the anonymous nature of some of the work but also through the annotated writing found on the back of many of the photographs.

From family pictures and snapshots taken with lovers to images that reveal relationships with Russian Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky and American photographers Edward Weston, Alfred Stieglitz, artist Georgia O’Keefe and actress Dolores del Rio, this exhibition provides a glimpse into Kahlo as never seen before.

Experimental electronix tonite!

2nite @ Pyramid Atlantic: Pygmy Jerboa, Andrea Pensado, Haleta & Wellins

Pygmy Jerboa
Pygmy Jerboa (Ivan Naranjo and Maria Stankova) is a Brooklyn-based duo focused on free and rule-based improvisation with live electronics and voice. Their music has been dubbed as "unclassifiable, and that's part of what is so exciting about listening to their newest release Top Secret Jazz...They create their compositions on an ever-changing aural landscape." (Unlikely Stories, NYC). The duo has performed in Bulgaria, Germany, Mexico and The United States at renowned experimental music venues such as Atelie Plastelin, ZKM Karlsruhe, CMMAS and Issue Project Room. Their first album "Top Secret Jazz" was released in 2011 by Abolipop Records and their second album is up for release on Mandorla Records.

Andrea Pensado
Andrea Pensado is an Argentinian sound artist, performer, composer and teacher. She started studying music in Argentina and continued in Cracow (Poland) where she lived for 10 years. Her pieces then varied from pure instrumental to mixed genres (instrumental theatre, live electronics, text sound compositions). In 1997, Pensado moved back to Buenos Aires where she crystallized her interests in real-time interaction and interdisciplinarity by co-founding Qfwfq Duo along with Gregory Kowalski (in charge of the images). The duo channeled most of her artistic work from 1999 to 2009. Presently, she mainly plays solos and has performed with, among others: I'd M Thfft Able, Forbes Graham, Walter Wright, Jules Vasylenko, Audrey Chen, Dave Ross, Lou Cohen, Todd Brunel, Junko Simons and Luther Gray. She has been featured in Argentina, Brazil, Poland, Canada, Germany, Austria, France and the US where she currently lives.

Slut Walk
Erica Fallin is a multi-instrumentalist whose tools includes flute, guitar (classical and electric), electric bass, and piano. Erica is a veteran of the Bay Area music scene, where she played with Vacuum Tree Head for almost two decades and also regularly participated in Moe! Staiano's Moe!Kestra!. Alex Braden's guitar-centered sound explores intricacy on both the tonal and rhythmic planes. His rhythms go well beyond western, obvious, or symmetrical patterns, delving into the mysterious realms of unconventional syncopation, intriguing juxtapositions of odd-numbered sequences, and swirling layers of pleasant melodic confusion. Thomas Stanley (a/k/a Bushmeat) is an assistant professor of Sound Art and Consciousness in the School of Art at George Mason University. Stanley has attempted to exploit the capacity of sound and music for anchoring, framing, and energizing our subjective experience of macrotemporal texture (history). Stanley is a founding member of Transparent Productions,rolex breitling watches fake breitling watches rolex perpetual a non-profit volunteer collective that has produced 100s of improvised jazz and experimental music concerts throughout the DC metro area since 1997.

Tag Cloud
Tag Cloud started in 2009 as a series of experiments with field recordings and has come to include analog electronics, fx, cheap keyboards, metal percussion, shruti box, etc. Best described as "electroacoustic sound sculpture and carpets of drone". Releases to date include Vol. 13 of the remix project "14 Versions of the Same EP" on the Front & Follow label (look for a follow up for the "Collision/Detection" series in collaboration with BLK w/Bear) and the album "Named Entities" on Zeromoon.

Saturday, February 18
Doors 7:00pm
Music 7:30pm SHARP
$10.00 all ages, Students w/ID: $5.00
Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD (map)
Free parking (limited spaces!) in gated lot outside

Gong Show at Kennedy Center!

Nakatani Gong Orchestra live
at Millennium Stage at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
February 10, 6:00pm, FREE SHOW!

Gong Master Tatsuya Nakatani brings an arsenal of gongs and homemade bowing devices to Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage, where he will unleash a torrent of intense gong drones, tones and phones. Nakatani usually plays a small “kit” of gongs, bringing flawless technique and intense energy to creating amazing sound worlds. For this show, he’ll be joined by four other local experimental musicians, including Keith Sinzinger, Jason Mullinax, Daniel Barbiero, Anthony Pirog, and Jeff Surak, each playing gongs from Nakatani’s personal collection.

More info:

Experimental music from Ukraine & DC

Sat., Feb. 4 @ Pyramid Atlantic: Alla Zagaykevych, Janel & Anthony & Violet, Myo

Alla Zagaykevych (Ukraine)

Alla Zagaykevych began her formal music training at the Tchaikovsky National Music Academy in Kiev, where she studied composition and orchestration. Upon graduating in 1990, Alla continued with a year of post-graduate work in theory and in 1995-96 studied composition and music informatics at the Institute of IRCAM in Paris.

Alla has written works for a variety of forces, ranging from small chamber works to works for orchestra, as well as voice and instruments. A prominent part of her output is dedicated to works for electronics, either alone or with one or more acoustic instruments - such as the composition Heroneya, featured at the Classical Archives. In her earliest works, she tended to combine aspects of "intonation serialism" with the ideas of French spectral music; more recently she has adopted concepts of individualized algorithmic composition, as well as sound synthesis and instrumental sound processing within her music.

In addition to her activities as a composer, she has performed in the folk ensemble Drevo (Kiev, 1986-99), since 1998 lectured in computer music technology at the National Music Academy in Kiev and has served from 2003 as the artistic director of the International Electro-acoustic Project in Kiev. Zagaykevych's compositions have been performed by The National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, Philharmonic Orchestras of Chernigiv, Kyiv Camerata (Ukraine), ensemble Court-Circuit (France), Ensemble Contemporain de Montreal, Kammersymphoniker (Austria) and ensemble Recherche (Germany).

Janel & Anthony + Violet (NoVA / MD)

Rupert Chapelle (MD)

Myo (DC)

Saturday, February 4
Doors 7:00pm
Music 7:30pm SHARP
$10.00 all ages, Students w/ID: $5.00
Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD (map)
Free parking (limited spaces!) in gated lot outside