Welcome to Booville!

Welcome to Booville is a zine documenting the girls of Halloween. Specifically, Booville is concerned wtih a unique phenomenon during the Halloween holiday: the appearance of otherwise "normal" or "good" people in the disguise of "evil" witches or devils. This cultural oxymoron manifests itself in many pop culture figures: Sabrina, Caspar's friend Wendy the Good Witch, Samantha from Bewitched...and these days there's even a Barbie in a witch costume! Examples exist in department store sales circulars, children's books, LPs, and in many other places. Welcome to Booville documents them all.

Welcome to Booville #6--special issue "Boogirls in Cyberspace" available now! 

This new issue is in a larger standard size and includes a tipped in Halloween treat bag and special rubber stampings. Booville #6 costs $3 postpaid from P.O. Box 2482, Merrifield, VA 22116.



JoAnn Fabrics sales circular, Oct 2000.


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