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Mole magazine, complete set Issues 1-13

price: only $40.00 postpaid!

a la carte price: $48.00

Individual issues, a la carte: see Mole back issues

Welcome to Booville,

complete set Issues 1-5

price: only $5 postpaid!

a la carte price: $6.00

Individual issues, a la carte: see

Welcome to Booville

Devil girl 1 inch button--$1 each, postpaid

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DJ Panic

Dead Record, double 12" LP

two sawed/scratched vinyl LPs in a handpainted sleeve;

no two alike. Limited edition of 100 copies.

Price: $20.00 postpaid

BLAB, starring Mary Knott VHS tape

BLAB is a Warholesque screen test of Baltimore cartoonist and performance poet Mary Knott, featuring her brilliant 61 minute monologue about her experiences as a groupie with Jane's Addiction, Trent Reznor, Gwar, and others. With her sister Beppi, Mary produces the Pretty Beaver comic book. Her 16 mm film series at Funk's CoffeeHouse in Baltimore is as much an institution as the open mic poetry reading she hosts at the same location. BLAB was shot in one long, continuous take with no edits; this is the uncensored, improvised Mary Knott doing what she does best: telling stories about her crazy adventures in Baltimore. Fans of John Waters will need this tape: this is like raw footage from one of his films!

BLAB 61 min VHS tape: price $10 postpaid.

Alzo Boszormeny and the Acid Achievers

Present the Illusion--vinyl 12" EP

Alzo is an improvising punk rock band with heavy influences from Sun Ra, The Fugs, The Fall, and Funkadelic. A legend in their native DC for insane live performances that feature theatrical costumes, chaos, weird music, and a lead singer who tells surreal stories about (sub)urban life, the band formed in 1986 and has been demented and underground ever since. Currently, the band has seven members, including a theremin player, keyboardist, bass, two guitars, drums, and then there's Alzo himself on lead ranting.

This EP has 5 songs: "Present the Illusion," "Air Hockey," "Search for Robin," "Having a Pet," and "Riff Reprise." Includes theremin, Tibetan bowl, Hammond organ, and a variety of moods from introspective to rocking. Comes in a hand-painted sleeve; no two alike. Limited edition of 150 copies issued by the near-famous underground California indie label Black Bean and Placenta.

Alzo's Present the Illusion EP: price $10.00 postpaid!

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