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2010 Show Log--The Seventh Year!

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2010 Anno El Possible

Monday, March 15--New Music for the 21st Century with Vyas/Sebastian/Ricart Trio + Sesshin No-Fi + Fast Forty!

Vyas/Sebastian/Ricart Trio--No-holds barred, post-everything, free-improv supergroup with Ed Ricart (drums; Matta Gawa,  Sonic Suicide Squad, etc), Mike Sebastian (sax; 21st Century Chamber Ensemble, DCIC, etc), Ashish Vyas (Thievery Corporation, Vertical Dogs, etc).

Sesshin No-Fi--Babylonian bebop from members of Aleasthete, 302 Acid and other projects, combining zen concept of no mind with the unconventional aesthetic of no wave and lo-fi underground musics. 

Fast Forty--Inspired by an El Possible show last year, Keith Sinzinger took a bunch of galvanized pipe--once destined for the dump--and transformed it into a set of tubular bells. Played with various mallets, hammers, finger picks & whatever else comes to mind, and processed through an array of stomp boxes and other electronics, the bells are sometimes earthy, sometimes industrial, sometimes spacey. Added to the mix are tape loops, found sounds, circuit-bent toys & other oddities. After a long absence from live performance (mostly rave chill-out stuff), Keith returned in April 2009 to play at a Sonic Circuits event and gathering of the Baltimore SDIY Variable Ensemble at the National Electronics Museum. He performs under the moniker Fast Forty, adopted when he was fast approaching 40. Past projects have included remixing the Clinton impeachment debate and the Biden-Palin vice presidential debate (both self-released on cassette). A lifelong newsman, he tries to remain in tune to the news and is constantly on the lookout for ways to exploit it musically. File under: intense ambient.

Monday, February 15--Jason Ajemian + Soft Pieces + For Official Use Only!

Jason Ajemian--(b. 1976) has become one of the most in-demand bassists on the NYC Downtown scene since hsi relocation from Chicago in 2006. His discography includes recordings as leader for 482 Music (as Daydream Ful Lifestyles with Rob Mazurek, Tony Malaby, Chad Taylor) and Delmark (with Nori Tanaka, Jason Adasiewicz, Tim Haldeman, Jamie Branch). Jason has also recorded and performed as a membe rof the Chicago Underground Trio (Delmark), the Exploding Star Orchestra with Bill Dixon (Thrill Jockey), Charles Rumback Quartet (CleanFeed), Hush Arbors (Ecstatic Peace), Triage (with Dave Rempis, Tim Daisy), Dragons 1976 (with Aram Shelton, Tim Daisy), and in duo with Matt Bauder (Locust). Current projects include Marc Ribot's Sun Ship Quartet and Jason Ajemian's High Life.

Soft Pieces--Inspired by the political aims of 20th century performance art, the primitive electronics of musique concrete, and the boundless freedom of noise music, Zach Mason (b. 1977) crated the Soft Pieces project to join organic, improvisational performance with the versatility of digital tools, pairing spectacle with subtlety to--hopefully- create a memorable experience fore each audience member. Every record is different. Every show is different. Some live sets have involved costumes, removing clothing with scissors, encouraging the audience to draw on his skin, or--in collaboration with the Human Crochet Project--connecting with the audience in a very literal sense. A Maryland resident, Zach has worked to continue the DC area's legacy of joining art with activism, organizing shows and compilations to benefit progressive groups such as the DC Abortion Fund and the Washington Area Clinic Defence Task Force. He has shared bills with performers as diverse as Blevin Blectum, Caustic Castle, Jandek, Matmos, and Reuben radding.

For Official Use Only--New electronics trio with analog, out-of-box, home built, & hotwired synthesizing noisemakers operated by Dave Vosh, Logan Mitchell, Sr, and Jeff Bagato. For this show, snowmageddon prevented Logan from joining us from Baltimore.

Monday, January 11--New Music for the 21st Century with Lost Civilizations + Moon Pie + Layne Garrett!

Lost Civilizations--"In the drifting, wordless space between wakefulness and sleep: music of lost civilizations...Unusual polyrhythms juxtaposed with polyphonies neither western nor eastern; music of civilizations long lost and forgotten--and until now unheard." The group features Ted Zook on NS design bass cello, Mike Sebastian on reeds, and Larry Gomez on percussion. Check out all the sound samples on the web!

Moon Pie--Hypnogogic pop spanning dozens of centuries and thousands of galaxies. "We make music for you that is fun. We make music for you that is experimental. We make music for you that is definitely psychedelic." Group features Alison Stout on synthesizers, Rhodes, vocals, etc; Michael Knight on bass, Casio SK5, chord organ, drums, synthesizers, vocals; and Doug Stailey on cello, crazy cello, awesome cello.

Layne Garrett--Solo psych-acoustic guitar explorations from member of Cutest Puppy in the World. With special mystery guest??

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